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In Copenhagen, Denmark, you can borrow a bike (20 kroner deposit) at one of 110 locations throughout the city.

August 17-20, 2006

Visited Copenhagen August 17-20 prior to WikiSym 2006:


Ibsens Hotel

Eurogel 2006

Will be at Copenhagen's Royal Library, on the islet of Slotsholmen. From Slotsholmen/Travel Story:

Originally the site of Christianborg Slot, a palace for the Danish royal family, Slotsholmen, literally 'the palace island', was separated from the rest of Copenhagen by a canal running around it. Nowadays, it is easy to cross into the island by one of the many bridges spanning the canal. The palace has been turned into the seat of government, and now houses the national parliament, Supreme Court, and Folketinget, or parliamentary chamber. Its royal grandeur cannot be missed. In front of the palace, in the courtyard, under the watchful eye of Christian IX seated on a horse, horsemen still train in their royal uniforms... Walking through a throughfare brings you to a garden in front of the royal library.

Mark Hurst's pictures.