South Korea

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Korea uses European-style plugs.

Phone Service

Country code: 82

Calling U.S. from Korea: 011-1-number

Korea has both CDMA and GSM.


International usage information.

Verizon website verifies that South Korea is a CDMA country for which the international roaming rate is $1.99/minute. Texts are $0.50 to send, $0.05 to receive.

Unlimited data plans cost $64.99/month. (They call it Global Email, but it works for all data.) They'll pro-rate half a month for you. To update roaming capabilities on your phone, dial *228 option 2.

For international support, call:

  • 800-711-8300 (in U.S.)
  • 908-559-4899 (abroad)

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Korea is a highly connected company, but its native services are the most popular. For example, Google is barely used; most people use Naver. (See Korean equivalents for popular U.S. services.)

Possibly useful sites:

Google Maps does not provide driving or walking directions in South Korea (the only country in the world it doesn't do this, including North Korea!), because of government restrictions on geo data. Use Kakao Map or Naver Map instead.