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In the North Bay of the Bay Area on the southern edge of Point Reyes National Seashore. Technically an "unincorporated township." It has two restaurants, two grocery stores, and a post office. There are great hiking and trails to the north, especially where it connects to Point Reyes.

On Google Maps, Bolinas is labeled as, "Bolinas Quail Refuge." It's an inside joke referring to the town not allowing hunting. Apparently, back in the day, folks posted metal signs on barbed wire fences stating as much.[1]

To Do

The "downtown" is basically a tiny section of Wharf Street. Highly recommend the Bolinas Museum for local lore and Keith Hansen Wildlife Gallery and Studio, which is behind the museum. A little ways from downtown is Bolinas Beach.

Beyond this stretch of town, there is lots of great hiking and other interesting places to explore:

To Eat / Drink


January 3-7, 2023

EJ and I stayed at an AirBnB here and had a wonderful time.

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  1. Our AirBnB host explained most of this to us on January 7, 2023. There's also this article: Judith Larner Lowry. "The Gardener and the Quail." Bay Nature. April 1, 2002.